BY Stan Struckmeyer 

The big lie, is that the “border is closed”! The president, vice president, and homeland security are flat out lying! The mainstream news is also in on the lie as they will not cover the southern border. Biden’s trip to Tulsa pushed me over the edge. The president is willing to put his efforts towards a crisis that occurred 100 years ago, but the current crisis on our border, he ignores! The flight time from Tulsa to the border would have been about an hour. Gov. Abbott of Texas has signed a disaster declaration in reference to the out-of-control Biden mess. What does it take to get Washington to take notice, to say they were wrong, and to fix it? 275 Sheriffs signed a letter addressed to the president basically telling him that it is wrong to put politics before public safety! Biden’s response is to actually make things worse. Immigration Joe canceled the MPP procedure which had immigrants stay in Mexico until their asylum cases were heard. Instead, now Biden is going to process an additional 25,000 immigrants who are in Mexico. Last week a video of a small child who was left all alone by the cartel was shown crying “no no no, don’t leave me”! Human trafficking has become more profitable to the cartel than drugs. The cartel is making about $15 million a day thanks to Pres. Biden. A few weeks ago a rancher came upon and saved five migrant children, ages 11 months to seven years, who were lost, hungry, and dehydrated. The cartel will throw children into the Rio Grande as a diversion to keep the border patrol occupied and not able to go after the smugglers. Sheriffs have described ranchers who had their fences destroyed and that are now liable for the roaming livestock. 

Residents along the border are afraid to leave their homes because of all the illegal migrant traffic and increased crime. The Biden administration had unaccompanied children flown to Tennessee in the middle of the night, dumped them out against the governor’s wishes, and told Tennessee to deal with it. I guess Biden considers that a solution? US Congressional delegations are still being denied access to border facilities. Why no transparency, where is that hypocrite AOC, and why is she not at the border?

During Pres. Trump’ s first year the border patrol estimates there were about 100,000 “got-aways”. That is those illegal aliens who were not stopped by law enforcement. In the first five months under Pres. Biden’s border policies, the border patrol estimates there have been about 200,000 “got-aways”! Biden then has the nerve to blame Trump. Texas Sheriffs have been trying to backup the border patrol, but when they do they are not in their own communities to serve their citizens. The Biden administration has shown they thoroughly believe that the American people should take a backseat.. Even though Congress had appropriated monies for more of the wall, the Biden administration has stopped that funding. In Biden’s $6 trillion budget proposal there was no new money proposed for border security!

I have heard people say, “who cares, that doesn’t affect me”! No, everything is connected. A sheriff from Williamson County, just 90 miles south of Albion was telling about the increase of drugs and overdoses in his community, especially fentanyl  I ask the question, do you really believe that those people who get their drugs in Marion, stay in Marion? As Covid has proven, Edwards County is not an island! For those of you, especially Democrats, who do not wish to discuss what is going on in our country today, I believe you need to take notice. There was an ostrich who stuck his head in the sand, not paying attention, he was between two train rails. When the train came, it was too late!