For the record:

If things had been handled the proper way, this probably could have all been avoided. No one was even informed that they Grayville Days was even going to be on the city council meeting agenda. Then by accident the day of the meeting one member called to ask about it and why. Was told there was no reason to come to the meeting.

It’s a sad day when a few new people, including a council member and mayor (with the two also on the Grayville Days Committee) can come in and cause so much drama to what has been a mainstay community event in Grayville for several years.

First off, as we stated in the paper, having to have a P.O. has never been an issue in the past or present, and if it had been, one would think the council member or mayor-that are on the committee-would have let the rest of the committee know there was a problem. So, no, the P.O. was not the reason for the first two resignations. Also, another four long timers have left the committee (for a total of six).

Secondly, being on the council doesn’t give you the right to threaten any person or group with your authority by saying “if you want to play that game, then we will.”

Finally, and probably the biggest reason, is no one is willing to sit there and be told that what Grayville Days is doing, is the same as laundering money.

The Grayville Days Committee and its many other volunteers have spent countless time, effort, work and their own money to try to hold an event and fundraisers that the whole city and people from out of town could come to, enjoy and be proud of.

We appreciate all the support over the years from the previous councils and the members on the current council that showed support for us; all the businesses, private individuals and anyone else we might have missed: thank you!

Grayville Days is not about any one person or group, it’s about bringing a community together, having fun and visiting with family and friends.


The Former Grayville Days Committee Members

Steve and Mary Kay Kendrick

Rick Kennedy

Diana Compton

Andy Brock

Joe Bisch

Megan Raber

Branda Ramirez

Rick Connor