RMH Foundation merger strengthens donors’ investment

Members of the RMH Foundation board join members of Carle and the Carle Center for Philanthropy at the “Thanks for Giving” event held recently at The Holiday in Olney. Those pictured include (left to right), Rob Anniss (RMHF board member), Ursula Wuthrich (RMHF board member), Mary Pat Nash (RMHF board member), Dr. James Leonard (president and CEO, Carle Foundation Hospital), Julia Eichhorst (RMHF board member), Ron Steber, (RMHF board member), Diane Buss (RMHF board president), Janet Hewerdine (RMHF board member), Harry Brockus (CEO, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital), Beth Katsinas (vice president, Carle Center for Philanthropy), Karl Applequist (chairman, The Carle Foundation Board of Trustees, and Donna Green (trustee, Carle Center for Philanthropy Board of Trustees).

As of Jan. 1, Richland Memorial Hospital Foundation is now Carle Center for Philanthropy (CCP). This marks one of the final phases of integration between RMH and The Carle Foundation.

“We are grateful for the community’s support and take great pride in what they make possible for patients and their families,” said Harry Brockus, CEO, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital (CRMH). “This partnership only strengthens our region and leverages precious resources.”

One of the main benefits is the addition of secure online giving. To make a secure online gift to CRMH, visit carle.org/give and select either CRMH or Carle Hospice-Richland.

“This will be a seamless transition for donors. The process for giving may look slightly different, but the mission remains the same-to raise friends and funds,” said Beth Katsinas, vice president, Carle Center for Philanthropy.

One hundred percent of funds raised will be used for the purpose specified by the donor.

“Rest assured, gifts made in support of local programs and services will stay local,” said Diane Buss, president of RMH Foundation. “But now, there’s a quicker, easier, secure way for the generosity of our community to make an impact.”

Brockus said adding RMH Foundation’s investments to the Carle investment portfolio will generate more dollars to enhance the world-class care provided at CRMH.

Julia Eichhorst, a member of the former RMH Foundation Board, will now serve on the Carle Center for Philanthropy Board of Trustees and chair the newly created CRMH Philanthropy Advisory Committee. Several members of the former RMH Foundation Board will also serve on this advisory committee.

“It’s incredibly important for local community members to provide guidance and input on philanthropic matters,” said Katsinas.

Carle Center for Philanthropy will soon have an office located within Carle Richland.

“It’s important for donors to have a trusted, familiar face to connect them to their passion, answer donor questions and accept gifts,” Katsinas said.

There is currently an opening for a director of development for the CRMH service area. This individual will oversee the philanthropy office at CRMH and will help establish major gift and grateful patient programs in the Olney region. Carle will announce a new director of development in the coming weeks.

Karen Winkels, long-time RMH Foundation director, will now serve as the full-time staff liaison for the CRMH Auxiliary and East Street Boutique.