The Wabash County Primary Election cycle has come to a close. Of the 7,535 registered voters in Wabash County, nearly 36 percent (2,692 voters) cast ballots in the General Primary Elections. There were also 571 mail-in votes, but those numbers won’t be finalized until March 31.

For State’s Attorney, Kelli Storckman (R) received 1,505 votes

For Circuit Clerk, Angela K. Crum (R) received 2,020 votes

For Wabash County Coroner, Shaun Keepes (R) received 1,710 votes

For Wabash County Commissioner, Scott “Scooter” West (R) received 1,791 votes

Precinct Commissioners results:

Precinct 2, Mount Carmel: Stephen D. Sawyer (D), 25 votes

Precinct 3, Mount Carmel: William C. Hudson (R), 73 votes

Precinct 4, Mount Carmel: Joeann Dardeen (R), 51 votes

Precinct 5, Mount Carmel: Ed Hicks (R), 88 votes

Precinct 6, Mount Carmel: Sandra K. Ward (D), 84 votes

Precinct 7, Mount Carmel: Julia Lynn Wheeler (D), 44 votes

Precinct 8, Mount Carmel: Rena G. Bever (D), 51 votes

Precinct 11, Friendsville: Mary Susan Wood (R), 103 votes

Precinct 14, Bellmont: Charles Reavill (R), 113 votes

On the Republican ballots:

For President, Donald Trump (R) led with 2,020 votes in Wabash County

For U.S. Senator results, Mark C. Curran (R) led with 606 votes in Wabash County

For 15th District in Representative in Congress results, Mary Miller (R) led with 991 votes in Wabash County

For State Senator, 55th District results, Darren Bailey (R) led with 1,687 votes in Wabash County

For State Representative, 109th District results, Andrew “Andy” Hires (R) led with 1,073 votes in Wabash County