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1 year ago - August 7, 2019

- On Aug. 1, 2019, the “Restore the Harmony Way Bridge Act” passed the U.S. Senate and was headed to the desk of President Donald Trump to either be signed into legislation or vetoed.

- The Bone Gap Grade School 8th grade 55th class reunion was held Aug. 9, 2019 at Hogg Heaven in Mount Carmel.

- At a mid-year review of the budget, the Edwards County board claimed the Sheriff’s Department was on track to exceed his budget by $24,000, so Commissioners touted the possibility of cutting deputy funding for the remainder of the year. The excess was partly due to overtime costs that the board initially cut out of the original budget request, according to the Edwards County Clerk. 

From the Navigator & Journal-Register

5 years ago - August 5, 2015

- On Aug. 3, 2015, the Albion City Council voted to return the lot of the former Lovins Pharmacy back to Pat Lovins. They adopted a corrected deed and quit claim the property back to Lovins, after several years of disputes between the City and an architectural firm.

- Portions of the brick road on Fifth Street was repaired by hand, brick-by-brick, over a two-week span using reclaimed Albion bricks by Eddie Nelson and many others. Nelson completed the project on July 30, 2015.

- Debbie and Neil Fearn presented Trenton Thompson with the Master Showmanship Awards at the 2015 Edwards County 4-H Fair.

10 years ago - August 4, 2010

- The Class of 1941 met at the Windsor Oaks in Grayville for a luncheon on July 24, 2010 to celebrate their 69th reunion. There were 11 out of the original 55 graduates present, according to Bertie Mitchell, a member of the class.

- The Edwards County 4-H Junior and Senior Federation purchased a new Bose sound system to use at 4-H events. The funds used to purchase the sound system were donated by the Edwards County Farm Bureau’s Women’s Committee, which donated all the profits from their book, “Barns of Edwards County,” to the 4-H Federations.

- The Albion City Council donated $5,000 to the Albion Public Library, per the request of the Library Board President. Interestingly enough, it was also pointed out at the meeting on Aug. 2, 2010 that the City owed the library $1,8645.65 in Personal Property Replacement Tax, to which then-Mayor Ryan Hallam said he would direct the Treasurer to make the payment.

From the Albion Journal-Register

25 years ago - August 2, 1995

- The Carmi Square Dance Club held it’s regular monthly dance on Aug. 5, 1995 in the basement of the Carmi Farm Bureau Building, with Jim Trible calling.

- The Albion Ponies wont the Pony League Championship on July 28, 1995 by defeating West Salem 14-7.

- Auctioneer Keith Reid was awarded a Longspurs award for appreciation  by Tim Orr, the President of the Bonpas Longspurs Chapter of the National Turkey Federation on July 30, 1995 at the VFW Hall in Mount Carmel. Reid received the award for his help in their auctions of various wildlife items, which included several paintings by famous artist Terry Redland.

From the Albion Journal-Register

50 years ago - August 5, 1970

-  An Open House for Champion Laboratories, Inc. at the West Salem plant was set for Aug. 14, 1970 with tours throughout the day. The last Open House was held there in 1965.

- The Democratic Float in the 1970 Edwards County Fair Parade asked for change. Verdane “Windy” Cullison, dressed as Gravel Gertie, acted out the theme of the float, “It’s Time for a Change (from Richard Ogilvie and Richard Nixon)” by passing out diapers along the parade route. He asked for so much change, that he was out of diapers by the time the float reached the Fairgrounds, it was reported.

- It was reported that 37-year old Don Broster, was elected as the fourth President of Citizen’s National Bank at a Board of Directors meeting on Aug. 4, 1970 , succeeding the late R.D. Withrow. 

From the Albion Journal-Register

75 years ago - August 2, 1945

- One hundred and sixty employees of the Albion Coil Company were told by Chief Radioman Joe L. Bowen on Aug. 1, 1945 that although they do not wear a uniform or “fancy service ribbons,” their job is just as important in the war. “It was reported he said that if the radar or radio equipment on a ship is short just one coil, possibly made in Albion, it may mean the ship is without communication facilities and “ship and men may be lost.”

- It was reported that Mrs. Fern Green of Albion was the winner of a $5 radio prize on the Words and Rhythm program over Chicago’s WGN when the song experts were unable to think of a song containing any of the four words she submitted. At least one of the words had to be a word that is found in a familiar song. Her familiar song word, “include,” appears in the song “Poor Little Rhode Island,” but the experts couldn’t guess the song.

- Citizen’s National Bank in Albion opened for business on Aug. 5, 1940 and celebrated it’s 5-year anniversary by relating the fact that in June, the bank reached $2,000,000 in assets, which they noted would not have been possible without the help, encouragement and cooperation of the people.

From the Grayville Mercury-Independent 

100 years ago - August 5, 1920

- It was reported that “recently,” while cleaning out some rubbish in his hardware store, Harry Dalby unwrapped a bundle containing a small bomb. It was a crude, homemade affair, and appeared to have already exploded, but it had insufficient powder to burst through the bundle. Darby noted that it had been in the store for several years, but he thought it was left unintentionally and never opened it.

- The 1945 corn crop was in peril in the vicinity of Grayville, due to various causes. A wet spring, cinch bugs and drought appeared to be the main culprits. Farmers planted late due to rains, then the cinch bugs caused considerable damage to the young corn and “for the past two months, very little rain has fallen in this vicinity.” Some corn, west and northwest of Grayville, was reported to be “firing,” because of the drought.

- Speakers representing Len Small, Republican candidate for governor; Richard Barr and Col. Frank Smith were set to speak at the courthouse in Albion on Aug. 11. “A rousing big time is expected. The great, vital questions of the hour will be discussed by orators of statewide reputation.”