The Ellery Christian Church had 29 in its congregation on Sunday, July 26. Christian’s message for the week was entitled, “Known by Their Fruit” and was taken from Matthew 7: 15-20. He told his listeners that to truly identify those who claim to be Christians, we must look at the “fruit” they produce.

While many people claim to be followers of God, if their actions show otherwise, they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing and are not “true” Christians.

How we live and how we show our lives to others are the hallmarks of what makes a disciple of Christ. We cannot be lazy for God, but should instead give all we have to the service of His kingdom, so that when our days here are over, we can hear Him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Pastor Brad also spoke on how a true Christian should look in his sermon given from Revelation 3:14-21 at the Bethel United Methodist Church. He said that we shouldn’t be “lukewarm” Christians, but should instead, be on fire for Christ.

In his sermon, “Good, Better, Best,” Pastor Brad reminded his listeners that many Christians play just not to lose, instead of actually playing to win. In other words, some do just enough to get by, but not enough to truly serve God the way He intended. The Bible tells us that those “Christians” will be “spewed out of His mouth.” Let us all make sure that we serve Him in a way that keeps us close to Him as we reach out to others.

The Ellery Christian Church held a baby shower Sunday afternoon for Larry and Cecelia Michels. The young couple got many new things for their coming little one and the church prays only the best for them all. In a prayer of praise Bob and Janice Anniss and Ray Williams all asked to be taken off of the prayer list, as they have recovered from recent medical procedures and are doing better.  Our God is the Great Physician!

It has been said before, but let us make sure to remember this week to treat others the way we wish to be treated. There is an awful lot of hate out there, but this country could be turned around if everyone remembers that God is in control, not the media and that the Golden Rule is the one “law” that we truly need!