The last day for Republic Services trash pick-up will be Monday, March 23. ALL residential trash will be picked up on Monday, March 23rd, and all of the blue Republic Services containers will be removed. Containers must be placed roadside on Sunday night, March 22 as Republic will start picking up very early.

Sunrise Sanitation will be placing new navy-blue containers on March 23 and will begin their regular trash pick-up on Monday, March 30. All City of Grayville residents will now have Monday trash pick-up.

Sunrise basic procedures include:

-Place carts within 2 feet of the street with wheels facing away from street the night before scheduled pick up.

-There will be no ally pickups.

-Three feet clearance between carts and other objects, i.e. mailbox, trees, vehicles, etc.

-Do not overload carts, nothing loose outside the cart will be picked up and no other trash containers will be emptied. Sunrise will rent extra carts for a monthly fee of $5.00 per cart billable in 6-month increments.

-Removal of remodeling/construction items can be arranged for extra fees.

Call Sunrise Sanitation for extra cart rental and pricing of other removals at 618-740-1701. Help us spread the work and share this information with other City of Grayville residents. Questions and concerns can be directed to City Hall at 618-375-3671.