Back Over the Trail

 From the Navigator & Journal-Register

1 year ago - September 18, 2019

- The Edwards County FFA placed fourth at the Section 23 horse judging competition as well as third in the Section 23 forestry competition on Sept. 10, 2019.

- Ataraxia continued to expand with the development of new greenhouses in September 2019.

- The Edwards County Board of Eduction requested K-12 Principal, Preston Nelson, to reconsider traditional scheduling versus block scheduling at ECHS in July 2019. In September 2019, Nelson provided the Board with his assessment, which then allowed the board to consider their options to make a decision.


From the Navigator & Journal-Register

5 years ago - September 16, 2015

- Eric St. Ledger announced his 2016 candidacy for Edwards County State’s Attorney during September 2015.

-Crossville area farmer Kevin Hammell was among the first, if not the first, farmer to combine corn in the Grayville area when he combined cornfields west of Grayville on Sept. 14, 2015.

- The West Salem POW/MIA chair dedication took place on Sept. 19, 2015 on the West Salem square. The dedications were sponsored by the American Legion Post 658 and the Richland County Rolling Thunder chapter conducted the dedication ceremonies.


From the Navigator & Journal-Register

10 years ago - September 15, 2010

- Approximately 160 acres purchased in Grayville to construct a prison appeared to be headed back to be leased back to agricultural use.

- wandermag On-Air hosted former Little House on the Prairie child star, Alison Arngrim the week on Sept. 20, 2010. Arngrim is known for her role as Nellie Olson on the show.

- It was reported that COUNTRY Financial agent Rick Barbre moved into his new 1,700 square-foot offices in the 100 block of North Street in Grayville.


From the Albion Journal-Register

25 years ago - September 13, 1995

- Then-President Bill Clinton emphasized his total opposition to planned congressional cuts to educational aid programs and tax cuts for high income people during his address at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale on Sept. 11, 1995 to a crowd of 16,000. This was the first time a sitting president spoke at the university since Harry S. Truman in 1947.

- Larry Hobbs of Fairfield, a regular Saturday night performer of LSB Restaurant in Albion, was inducted to the Mid-America Old Time Fiddler’s Hall of Fame on Sept. 3, 1995. He also found out that he won the National Ragtime Piano Contest while in Iowa to be inducted.

- The Albion Grade School softball Lions remained unbeaten on the season as of Sept. 13, 1995.


From the Albion Journal-Register

50 years ago - September 16, 1970

- Then-Superintendent of Education Region for Edwards County, Chester O. Gillette, was honored Sept. 19, 1970 at Southern Illinois University by Phi Delta Kappa, professional education fraternity, for his 42 years of service as a teacher and school administrator.

- A children’s wading pool was approved by consensus of the members of the Park Board at a special meeting on Sept. 14, 1970 at a cost of $2,500.

- It was reported that a plaque bearing two rare silver dollars and two Kennedy half-dollars was presented to Edward Bunting, an attendant at Tarpley’s Shell Service Station. The Gates Rubber Company “mystery man” gave Bunting the award when his worn fan belt was checked and an offer was made to replace it. The Denver-based rubber company sponsored a fleet of “mystery cars” across the nation with worn fan belts since 1932, according to the original article. Special awards were given to service station personnel who noticed the defective belt and offer to replace it.


From the Albion Journal-Register

75 years ago - September 13, 1945

- A plan to let the “black out” and illuminate Albion’s dismally lighted business and residential sections were submitted to then-Mayor Earl Stroup on Sept. 10, 1945. The plan “would give Albion ten times as much light as it has now,” it was reported.

- It was claimed that the 81st Annual Edwards County Fair saw “the largest [crowds] in the history of the fair” on Sept. 6, 1945.

- Sgt Loren E. Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Collins of Ellery, was one of several local boys who were on Ie Shima, off the coast of Okinawa, when Japanese officials stopped on their way to Manila, Philippines to discuss surrender terms with General Douglas MacArthur. Sgt Collins wrote a letter home, which he described the visit by officials, and also noted that Ie Shima was the island on which Ernie Pyle was killed.


From the Grayville Mercury-Independent 

100 years ago - September 16, 1920

- D. F. Martin, an Assistant Superintendent from Grayville, described his work at a Carmi orphanage, the “Home.” He shard that “it is not a home finding institution, but a home where the children are kept and educated.” He noted there were 41 children there, 36 of which were in school on a 160-acre plot of land. The boys learned how to farm and the girls learned how to cook and keep house.

- The then-Illinois State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Francis G. Blair, decided to detach 16 sections of land from the local community high school district in Grayville and attach them to the Crossville district. The Wabash County board voted unanimously for the detachment, while both the Edwards and White Counties boards voted against  it several months prior. Upon appeal, it was reported that “the State Superintendent did not request evidence from the Grayville attorneys.”

- The Grayville Mill & Lumber Company set a definitive date for renewing operations: the week of Sept. 20, 1920. It was reported that the mill had closed “a couple of years ago.” It was also reported that the building had been “wired throughout for electric lights to enable it to operate a full ten-hour day during the winter months.”