From the Navigator & Journal-Register

1 year ago - October 30, 2019

- The Village of West Salem Board of Trustees opted to turn the intersection of at School and North Broadway Streets into a 4-way stop, planning to adopt the ordinance at their November, 2019 meeting.

- 2019 marked the 10th year that the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots program was officially in Edwards County.

- It was mentioned at the Grayville City Council regular meeting on Oct. 28, 2019 that it might be considered for the Grayville Days Committee to file for 501c3 and be set up as it’s own entity. However, the topic was eventually tabled until the next regularly scheduled meeting.


From the Navigator & Journal-Register

5 years ago - October 28, 2015

- Traffic was backed up around the Yingling Curve hill on Illinois Route 1 as construction crews laid asphalt on the shoulders to accommodate a turn lane into the I-64 Plaza and other crews then painted the underside of the I-64 overpass on Grayville’s south side in late October 2015. 

- The West Salem Village Board voted unanimously to “shutter and demolish” its water plant at during their Oct. 26, 2015 meeting.

- The Learning Resource Center at Frontier Community College in Fairfield hosted a Local Authors Book Signing on Oct. 30, 2015. It was reported that 12 featured authors were expected to be present: Doris Bland, Ruth Ann Kunce, Ruthie Shelton, Celica Seybold, Billie Taylor, Janet Yaeger, Amanda Allen, Jeff Jake, Joe Morris, Daniel Nalley, Will Swardstrom and John Musgrave.


From the Navigator & Journal-Register

10 years ago - October 27, 2010

- Iva Jean Pritchett, of Albion, was the winner of the 2010 theme competition for the Albion Lighted Christmas Parade. Her winning theme was “O, Little Town of Albion.”

- Oct. 19, 2010 marked the end of an era when Dana Communications pulled the plug on “The Cuzin Eddie Allen Show” on WMCL-1060AM out of Hamilton County.

- Members of the Edwards County High School’s Scholar Bowl were featured on a Nov. 2, 2010 episode of Hi-Q, WSIU Public Television quiz quiz show featuring regional high school scholar bowls.


From the Albion Journal-Register

25 years ago - October 25, 1995

- Senior Vice President and Personnel Officer Norma Jacobs retired from Citizen’s National Bank of Albion after 53 years on Oct. 27, 1995.

- A request for a tree to be planted in the West Salem town square in memory of former City Water Superintendent, Walter Provine, was unanimously granted to his wife, Toni Belle Provine at the October, 1995 West Salem Village Board meeting.

- The Glenn Miller Orchestra band performed at Wabash Valley College on Oct. 29, 1995. The orchestra was authorized by the late Major Glenn Miller’s estate in 1956 to continue performing original Glenn Miller musical arrangements.


From the Albion Journal-Register

50 years ago - October 28, 1970

- Gambles Store, located at Sixth and Main Streets in Albion, officially opened its doors on Nov. 5, 1970.

- The excavation for the Albion swimming pool was completed on Oct. 26, 1970 and fiberglass panels were installed the next day. Construction was temporarily halted because of rain, but it was estimated that the concrete would be completed in one more day’s work.

- Albion Grade School sixth graders, as well as the seventh and eighth grade chorus students, performed for the Fall Festival on Oct. 15, 1970.


From the Albion Journal-Register

75 years ago - October 25, 1945

- An eight year old Albion Grade School student, Delores Chalcraft, suffered an unusual and nearly fatal accident at the end of recess at school on Oct. 17, 1945. Chalcraft was running around a corner of the building when she collided with a much larger boy. She was feeling very ill, and was later taken to the Olney sanitarium where an operation was performed on her intestines, which had ruptured.

- On Oct. 21, 1945, a walnut Honor Roll was presented to the Browns Methodist Church by The Class in the Corner, containing the names of 40 servicemen represented by the church, with one gold star. The plaque was hung and dedicated by the pastor, Reverend Stone. Memorial prayers were offered in the memory of several servicemen. Fifteen service flags, which had been hung when the servicemen were inducted, were then presented to discharged veterans present. 

- It was reported that the City of Albion’s ornamental street lighting was assured at the Oct. 19, 1945 City Council meeting, and a ten-year street lighting contract was signed with the Central Illinois Electric and Gas Company. It was estimated that the installation would be complete by the spring of 1946.


From the Grayville Mercury-Independent 

100 years ago - October 28, 1920

- A Grayville resident, Reverend Alexander, was appointed to a committee to solicit subscriptions for a White County Y.M.C.A., which Mr. D. E. Lorentz, who represented the state Y.M.C.A., was organizing. It was reported that committees were also appointed in Carmi, Norris City, Enfield and Crossville to raise the quota necessary for the county.

- On Oct. 23, 1920, the Illinois Supreme Court reaffirmed its decision handed down during the June term, in which the state primary law was declared void.

- Then-Grayville City Clerk, Mr. Butler, wrote to the state division of game and fish in regard to a considerable rumor about veterans of World War I not needing an Illinois hunting license. However, the reply stated, “If a man hunts in Illinois he must take out a hunting license, whether or not he was in the army. There is no provision made in the Illinois law for a soldier to have a license without paying for it.”