Makes me sad that churches are closed. Makes me think back to winter years ago when the church would cancel due to snow or ice. But, as I have said before, thanks to technology, we can still listen to sermons and music. Lots of that on this Easter. It was great!

I’m not sure what will be going on at Oil Belt Church Camp this year. Hopefully it will be camp as usual, at least by June. There are some earlier camps that I understand will be cancelled.

One of our missionaries in Taiwan is having Chinese lessons. Several years ago, Champ started a factory in China, and a family from here was sent to help with this. After they returned, I was taking their son home one day and I asked him to count in Chinese for me. “No,” he said. “And I can’t say red, either.” So, if you’re interested in learning Chinese, get on Facebook and check out Chad Edwards. He and his family are great people.

Last week, Mr. Tom’s words for the day were:

1. Faithfulness- “great is your faithfulness”

2. Resolve- purposeful determination.

3. Contagious- to quote Mr. Tom, “I know we are all sick of the virus.” Other things besides diseases are contagious-try smiling, laughing or kindness.

4. Feet- Last Thursday was Maundy Thursday because ‘maundy’ is the ceremony of washing the feet. Think how dirty people’s feet would have been because everyone wore sandals.

5. Sacrifice- did the chicken donate as much to the farmer’s breakfast as the pig?

6. Quiet- does anyone have a noise maker, maybe when your children were babies you had one. Sometimes some background noise helps us concentrate better. Silence from Heaven can be the most deafening for a believer. Sometimes answers to prayers come quickly, but often we wait in quiet, wondering if God heard us.

Mr. Tom’s sermon Sunday was “Run for your Life,” “Death has been Defeated.” We praise God for His amazing power to raise Jesus from the dead. His scripture was from John 20:1-31. There is a lot of running, not walking, in this scripture. Mr. Tom said he was on the track team in high school (picture that).

Have you ever had doubts or questions when things don’t go your way? Think of Thomas-did he really believe that Jesus had risen from the dead? Yes, after he had touched Jesus’ wounds. Did Mary? She saw the empty tomb, but until Jesus called her name, did she really believe He had risen? The only reason we get to experience eternal life is because of Jesus.

Circumstances of this life knock the wind out of us. We must focus on the finish line and run to the One who died and rose for you.

Little note from last week when Mr. Tom was talking about needing his haircut. I thought I had a pair of clippers, but couldn’t find them. Guess my daughter has them. But Tom, I found some scissors that help thin your hair! Would these help you?

Until next week, stay safe, stay healthy. We want to be able to worship again together soon.