The youth’s trip to Mexico for June has been cancelled. They are still saving quarters for another missionary. So kids, keep it up!

Not only is Mr. Tom recording the sermons (to be found on Facebook and YouTube), but Ms. Danielle is also having a story time for children. Check them both out.

Words of the day last week that Mr. Tom posted were ‘gentleness,’ ‘friendship,’ ‘contentment,’ ‘courage’ and ‘laughter.’ I kind of saved the best for last, because, and I quote, “Tom likes to laugh, and on occasion he has been noted to snort. One time while eating a hamburger, a piece came out his nose-is that a hambooger-stop groaning, that was funny!”

It’s important to find joy in life, with so much negativity in the world, we need moments of laughter. Scientists agree with God that laughter is good for us. “A cheerful heart is good medicine,” Proverbs 17:22. Laugh, not just for your sake, but for those around you. Find some time to smile and laugh and thank God for this gift.

Mr. Tom’s sermon on Psalm Sunday was “If Only,” from Luke 19:29-42. Have you ever had regrets? “If only” moments? If only I had got my hair cut before all this happened? He is too old and fat for a man bun (he said this, not me). Do you remember getting your driver’s license? His mother sent him on an errand and there were dogs and cats on the road; while trying to avoid the animals, he hit a parked car. Said his mother didn’t talk to him for three weeks, he just should have hit the dog or cat.

Reminded me of driving with my dad for the first time. I just drove to the highway and we switched. He took the steering wheel and went “oh, ick!” My hands had sweat so bad on the steering wheel!

Jesus says, “if you had accepted me.” Don’t overlook Jesus. We have the Bible and lots of information to glean from. 1. He died for you-suffered because crucifixion is a slow, painful death (six or more hours on the cross). 2. You need Him-without Him, there would be no forgiveness of sins. Were you ever grounded when you were young (the consequences of doing something wrong)? God bore the weight of our sin.

God loves us-this is the reason Jesus died. Remember John 3:16-17. God cares about us (loves us). Love does not mean indifference.

We know we will not be having church (in our building) through the month of April. But you can join us on Sundays at 9 a.m. for Tom’s sermons. And again, I say, thank you for this technology! Afterthought: I remember when Champ first got computers!

Stay in, stay healthy. People are praying everyday for you.