Mr. Tom spoke this week on “You Are Not Alone.” He referred to the children of the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years. Were they alone? No, because God was with them every step of the way.

Lesson: You are not alone. God is with YOU in your wilderness. Get a map and notice that when God helped the Israelites escape Egypt, they did not take a direct route to the Promised Land.

God wanted them to trust Him-He provided everything they needed: food, water. God wanted them to become a strong community-to learn to rely on each other. Do you see this more and more today with everything that is going on? God was putting other nations “on notice.”

How do we respond to our wilderness? Be that loss of job, or the death of someone close-how do you respond? Do you rally to God, or complain?

After the Israelites left Egypt, did they forget about the hard labor they had endured? Do we forget the history of our lives? Are we God’s Children-just like Israel? He provides for us. He took care of our sin debt!

Words last week were: Joy; Growth; Love; Rest; Serve and Conviction. After reading the devotions everyday and making notes, it was a very hard decision to just select one, so…

Joy-We don’t find joy, we choose it. Don’t let life’s circumstances dictate your choices. Stand firm.

Growth-Personal growth is hard and it does not come easier as you age. God has ways of reminding us we don’t know everything. Social distancing may keep us away from each other, but don’t let it keep you from God.

Love-Jesus risked everything, gave up everything, to love you. Jesus was NOT afraid to love you. You can not “out-love” God, and He doesn’t expect you to. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commands.” Here is something to think about: why wouldn’t you risk loving the One who wasn’t afraid to love you?

Rest-You would think that since we are all quarantining, we would be fully rested. That has the opposite effect sometimes; we are restless. Not bored, maybe because there are things to do, but we do more thinking, and as a result, we do not sleep well. Psalm 55:6, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” God knows rest is important, that is why He established the Sabbath.

Serve- Two things motivate us to serve. First is Jesus’ attitude towards service and second, serving is an art of worship. This is from me, not Mr. Tom: I see more people serving in today’s world than ever before.

Conviction-The last word. Some people remain physically connected to the church, but spiritually, they left year ago. For many, the change that Jesus wants us to do just requires too much. Hold Jesus close to your heart and let His passion for you drive you to remain convicted to Him.

Last week, Mr. Tom talked about needing a haircut. I offered, but he said, “NO.” Now this week, he is thinking about getting a permanent. If I could just find my perm rods, I would offer…but all I could find are my electric rollers (maybe I should see if they still work!)

‘Til next week. Oh, and I understand people are now watching the sermon in their recliner and PJs. Stay warm and well!