Edwards County 4-H members enrolled in Food and Clothing projects will be taking part in virtual judging of their projects. It will be a little different for the youth, but it will be a great learning and memorable experience. This year we will focus on technology to show the projects and we know 4-H members in Edwards County can do this!

The State 4-H office is making sure that 4-H members across the state will be able to showcase their projects, only in a different way. The judging will be similar as if it were face-to-face, only judging will be done-by selected judges-on the computer. Youth will submit pictures or slideshows of their Food or Clothing Project when they enter the project. Exhibitors will answer questions for a Project Report explaining the process of their project and things learned as they complete it. In return, they will receive comments from the judge on the project. They will be awarded the traditional 4-H ribbon, along with the selection of delegates to continue onto the Illinois State Fair for competition. 

It will be decided on June 1 if the General and Livestock Shows will be face-to-face or virtual. Thanks to a great group of 4-H leaders in Edwards County, our youth have the support to let them know that things change-but we can continue on, only in a different way.