Safety Day in Edwards County is a program for fourth graders that the Ag in the Classroom (AITC) program is involved with, and is generally held in April. 

School went to remote learning in April of 2020, so the fourth graders were not able to have the lessons; therefore, the AITC program worked with two of the schools who were allowing curriculum based education from outside sources to provide a Safety Day for the current fifth grade students.

Last week, fifth graders from West Salem Grade School and Albion Grade School attended 5th Grade Safety Day on the Edwards County football field.

Students rotated through seven different stations learning about basic first aid, poison look-a-likes, large animal safety, electricity safety, reaction time, sun safety and personal protective gear. They were then given goodie bags.

Special thanks to our presenters - Megan Smith with Christopher Rural Health, Debra Collier with University of Illinois Extension, Kathy St. Ledger with Albion Vet Clinic, Wayne-White Electric Co-op, Staci Roberts with Wabash County AITC and Julie Stephens with Posey County Co-op.