Taking donations for Patrick Clark

One of our own, Patrick Clark, was in a horrific traffic accident on New Year’s Eve. He is still in the hospital, so we ask for your prayers and best wishes for him as he recovers.

Many of you may not know Patrick, but without him, you wouldn’t receive your Prairie Post, Navigator Journal-Review or Carmi Chronicle. He’s the one who travels back and forth to the printing house, over 2 hours away, each week, and has spent countless hours there awaiting all the papers to print.  He’s one of the ones who labels and delivers the majority of your papers to the area posts offices, as well as stocks the rack sales in your local stores.  Patrick is a lynchpin in all our successes.

We are hoping you might consider donating to assist Patrick with his mounting hospital and medical bills, which will continue to rise over the next few months.  If you’d like to donate, you can stop by any of our offices in Albion, Grayville or Carmi and purchase a pin-up. These will be offered in two different sizes and two different price points ($5 and $10), but we will gladly take any size donation you might like to give. If you can’t stop by any of our offices, you can mail us a donation and message and we will fill out the pinup for you.

You will be able to write your name, and a message if you desire to Patrick on your pinup, and we will pin these up on our office walls and share the messages with Patrick.


Albion: 19 W Main St, Albion, IL 62806 | Grayville: 113 N Middle St, Grayville, IL 62844 | Carmi: 105 E Main St, Carmi, IL 62821