Bone Gap 4-H members busy helping community families

Since, the shelter-in-place order began, second year members of the Bone Gap Cardinals Jacob and Makayla Carrell, children of Paul and Bettina Carrell, have been busy cooking Breakfast Casseroles for individuals and families in their community.

They began this with help from family members, but now they are doing everything on their own, according to their mother, Bettina.  So far, they have made and given away 17. The children usually have them made before they decide where they will deliver them.

Jacob and Makayla have given them to a variety of people; parents who are both essential workers who were also doing school with their kids; families where a parent was laid off due to COVID-19; individuals with health problems; classmates and to the school cooks.  Bettina, states that there is no rhyme or reason to who they deliver them to. They are using their 4-H Cooking 101 skills, and are becoming more aware of the need to help others during this time. 

Jacob and Makayla’s leader is Norma Hamilton.