Albion’s Elm Street might get a brick repaving after all.

The Albion City Council was informed of a grant that could cover 80 percent of the repaving project’s cost by Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick engineering firm Vice President Austin Ridgley during a special meeting of the council Friday evening. Ridgley estimated that the project would come with a $2,054,237.95 price tag, leaving the city on the hook for $410,847.59 should they pursue the project and obtain the grant.

However, a $150,000 potential donation from The Wolfe Foundation would lower that cost to $260,847.59. Also, some additional Motor Fuel Tax funding is expected to be distributed to municipalities throughout the state over the next few years, which would further reduce the burden of the city’s matching funds.

“Illinois, with their Local Rebuild Illinois Project Funds, in the next three years, you’re going to get $131,000 in extra MFT money,” said Ridgley, “that you have to spend by 2025.

“So if you use that for this, then that means you have to come up with $129,000.”

With those Local Rebuild Illinois Funds, the city would be on the hook for $129,830.59 for the more than $2 million project.

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