It looks as though the Little Wabash Fire Prevention District will be gaining a new roommate.

After a 20-minute Executive session Monday evening, the Grayville City Council made a motion to allow City Attorney Jay Walden to draft an intergovernmental agreement between the City of Grayville and the Little Wabash Fire Protection District to lease a part of their building to move the Grayville Police Department into. Finance Commissioner David Jordan voted against the motion and Mayor Travis Thompson abstained, marginally allowing the motion to pass.

The LWFPD building is located at the intersection of North Industrial Drive and North Street, less than a mile west of the Grayville Police Department building.

For the past two months, the council has unanimously granted, and extended - at every meeting - Mayor Thompson’s temporary executive powers, and Monday night was no different. The ordinance went into effect on Aug. 27. By extending his powers again, the council asserts a local State of Emergency still exists. As the holiday season draws nearer, the Mayor could choose to cancel any scheduled festivities if he feels the risks are too high, as he did with Grayville Days, though no discussion ensued on the topic

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