The Wee Care Day Care Center in Grayville has been closed after a number of employees tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Owner Terri Garman confirmed that three employees tested positive for virus, forcing the temporary closing of the facility.  “The employees are home in isolation,” Garman said. “We are now deep cleaning the facility and do not plan to reopen until Aug. 10.

The facility is located at 430 West Commerce Street in Grayville. Officials with the Egyptian Health Department have been notified of the situation and are conducting contact tracing procedures for those who may have come in contact with employees that tested positive. While the facility was only required to close for fourteen days, officials decided not to reopen until Monday, Aug. 10.

Privacy rules prohibit the Egyptian Health Department from identifying those who tested positive.  However, Angie Hampton, CEO of the health department acknowledged there had been a recent spike in COVID-19 positive cases in White County within the past week.

Recent positive cases in White County include: July 23, one female in her 20's. July 22, one female in her 60's. July 21, a male in his 30's and a male in his 80's. July 20, one female in her 30's. July 19, a male under the age of 10, a male in his 50's and a male in his 60's.  All of the individuals are in isolation at home, health officials stated.