For one publicly elected official, the cancellation of Grayville Days was not well received.

“Disappointed,” said Darren Bailey, Representative of Illinois’ 109th District, on his reaction to the cancellation of Grayville Days.

Bailey blamed what he claimed were inflated numbers of COVID-19 deaths originating from Governor Pritzker’s Administration as a factor in several local events throughout the state being cancelled.

“I have argued since April that the numbers, the data and the facts we’re being told and that are being shared from the governor’s office are flawed and they are wrong,” he claimed. “And that is being proven.

“Just last week, an article that I have posted upon my Facebook page proves that in the state of Illinois there have only been 400 deaths that could be completely linked to COVID and COVID alone.”

The state representative did acknowledge that COVID-19 could be a factor in the deaths involving comorbidities, such as cancer and pneumonia, but questioned the how many listed cases involved a COVID-19 infected person dying of unrelated causes.

“There were always comorbidities involved,” Bailey noted. “And no one every knew, as I said in the beginning and it has happened, if someone dies in a car crash, if someone dies of cardiac arrest and they’re found to have COVID, that death is listed as COVID.

“So I’m really frustrated.”

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