At Monday evening’s regular meeting of the Grayville City Council, Mayor Travis Thompson addressed the Request for Developer’s Agreement TIF #2 agenda item, stating that it referred to a request for the City and unnamed persons. “What they’re looking for,” he said, “is for us to come to an agreement…for 50 percent of the purchase price, not to exceed $75,000 for our portion, which would be within TIF #2, and that would be for a grocery store.”

“This is…unnamed people…they wish to be nameless at this time. And the location to be nameless, as well.

“And this is something they’s be taking to the bank, to show that we are backing them.”

Finance Commissioner David Jordan then asked, “I don’t have the map in front of me, but TIF #2 is mostly Edwards County, correct?” to which he was told yes.

“And we currently have this year’s allotment for TIF #2…right now, we’ve got $275,000 in TIF #2 money, so we’ve got some money there to work with,” he added. “Would $75,000 be enough for them, Mayor?”

“From my understanding, yes, from where we’re at. Would that be your understanding, JoEllen [Seil]?” 

“Yes, the initial commitment…for them to take to the bank,” Seil responded.

“It sure would be a lot nicer getting our bananas in town, that’s for sure!” Gas Commissioner Donovan Baldwin commented.

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