The Edwards County Community School Unit School District #1 Board of Education unanimously passed the final 2020-2021 budget projecting to end the school year in the positive by $14,600.

Superintendent of Schools, David Cowger, presented the budget to the board in a public hearing Monday night. It was noted by Cowger that there were still a few unknown categoricals which would need to be factored in. He explained that funding for Special Education, for example, was still unknown. For transportation, COVID-19 impacted the State reimbursements from the end of last school year, and were still not available, making it difficult to portray accurate numbers for the current budget.

He further noted to the BOE that it is possible that number will be different once the fiscal year is complete, partly due to anticipated additional costs associated with COVID-19 related expenses. 

“What we’re seeing, as the year is going on, we’re seeing more expenses due to this COVID. Due to cleaning, due to personnel. So expenses - across the board, I think - those are going to be driven up, and a lot of it is just due to the COVID guidelines and all the things we have to do to address those types of situations.”

“Luckily, fortunately, we…do have a grant, a $165,000 grant that we’re able to underwrite a lot of that [COVID expenses] under,” Cowger also noted.

The FY21 overall budget approved unanimously by the board reflects $9,855,177 in revenue for the district, against $9,840,584 in expenditures and $14,593 left over for the coming school year. 

“We’re cutting it close, but it is a balanced budget,” he told the board members.

The District’s operating budget, which only includes only the four major funds - Education, Operations and Maintenance, Transportation and Working Cash - reflects $8,706,685 in revenue, against $8,613,617 in expenditures, leaving $93,068 remaining for the year.

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