Moravian roofing

Wes Clodfelter, Chairman of the West Salem Moravian Church’s Board of Elders, shovels part of the church’s roofing into a dumpster Monday afternoon. Several volunteers, along with contractor Kuenstler Konstrucktion, will be working on the project from morning through afternoon until it is complete..

Several people in West Salem have come together to help a local church fix a leaky roof.

Congregants of the West Salem Moravian Church began work on the roofing over the church’s Christian Education wing, also referred to as the C.E. Building, at 8 a.m. Monday morning. The group, along with an area contractor, began the task by removing the old roofing of the building.

Water leaks discovered nearly two weeks ago prompted the project.

“We’re basically just re-roofing this east slope and this north slope because we’re having some leaks,” said Wes Clodfelter, Chairman of the West Salem Moravian Church’s Board of Elders. “We have been for the last year.

“Last year we did some patching and we thought we had them all fixed, but we we’ve got more this year.”

But leaking problems date back further than the previous year for that particular patch of roofing.

“I think this is the third time that we’ve had to roof this since we went to shingles,” he noted. “What this used to be is a flat roof.

“We had some leak problems back in the ‘80s or whenever it was, and that’s when we had the lumber yard in West Salem come in and build some two-by-six rafters and put a little slope on it and went with the shingle roof.”

The church reached out to Olney-based carpenter Kuenstler Konstruction to replace the roofing altogether.

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