Several new agenda items were on this week’s regularly scheduled Grayville City Council meeting, to include what to do about racing/demolition derby vehicles within Grayville. 

Mayor Travis Thompson mentioned he’d been approached, “it’s been asked to me, so I’m asking the council…we have a handful of people that have demolition derby cars…they were wondering about permits to keep their vehicles in their yards.”

Chief of Police David Burrows weighed in, “I can understand that the guys…are real passionate about it…but when you start letting them have them in here, it’s going against the orders we have here about ‘junk vehicles.’”

“They’re noisy, they have no mufflers on them..If you started one across the street right now, I could go over there and write you up for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct, because it is emitting a noise.” Burrows then went on to read the state statute (415 ILCS 5/23) and defined ‘noise’ and ‘peace.’

He then said, “…I don’t think that the neighbors around them should have to listen to that [noise]. So my personal opinion is, I hope you don’t, but I’ll abide by whatever decision you make.”

After a lengthy discussion about the broad topic, the council determined they would not issue permits by way of a three-way split vote; Finance Commissioner David Jordan and Water/Sewer Commissioner Tyler Howell voted yes, Street Commissioner Chris James abstained, and the Mayor voted no to allowing permits. 

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