With roughly a week and a half of being under a stay-at-home order from the Illinois State government, those local businesses that have been allowed to keep their doors open have adjusted to the new guidelines.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker put into place an executive order for state residents to seek shelter at their place of residence on Saturday, March 20, amid the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus spreading throughout the state. Businesses deemed essential were exempted from the order, however, though certain precautions would need to be taken in order them to remain open.

Cody Jines, of Best One Tire in Grayville, explained some of the measures his local business has taken to provide a safe environment for his customers.

Amongst those measures was discontinuing the use of the store’s coffee machine, as well as implementing social distancing guidelines laid out by both the state and federal government.

He also noted that employees are disinfecting throughout the store regularly.

As for how the business has faired since the stay-at-home order has taken effect, Jines stated that the drop in customer traffic at Best One has been minimal.

“People still need their oil changed,” he said.

Rob Carter, of Edwards County Concrete, explained that his company has also had to make adjustments to how they operate daily.

“Construction and Trucking was deemed an essential business by Governor Pritzker, so were are trying to operate as normal as possible,” said Carter. “However we are delivering on an ‘as needed’ basis. So we are not having drivers to report to work unless we have deliveries for them to make.

“So my drivers could potentially see a reduction of hours.”

Carter also noted that the company’s offices will be closed to normal foot traffic on Saturdays until further notice. He also pointed out that they have implemented several changes to our day-to-day routine.

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