At last Friday’s Grayville Police Committee meeting, Chief of Police David Burrows reached out to retrieve four different quotes for the requisition of body cameras (“bodycams”) and police cruiser cameras for the police department.

Burrows presented information sheets on his favored company, ProVision, also used by the Wabash County Sherriff’s Department, provided a 360 degree (coverage), five-camera configuration for each police cruiser with a clip-on body microphone, as well as one bodycam per police officer, making a total of three five-camera car configurations and three bodycams for just over $16,200, including extensive vehicular installation and a 5-year warranty.

The bodycams would primarily be used by the full-time officers, but part-time officers would have access to use if needed.

Burrows noted that an external WiFi access portal on the Police Department building and larger harddrives would be necessary to complete the ensemble so that GPD could download and preserve the audio and video recordings.

Finance Commissioner David Jordan asked Burrows, “I’m assuming it’s expandable?  Once we get the three cameras in, that’s not our maximum? If we wanted to expand down the road…” Jordan hinted at a future where even the utility workers in Grayville could one day sport bodycams or utility vehicles could have camera systems installed. Burrows assured him that additional equipment could be purchased if desired in the future.

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