Several agenda items were tackled at this week’s Grayville City Council regular meeting, yet several more were bypassed or tabled, mainly due to insufficient information, however, the emergency gas project as previously reported was addressed with gusto.

“On Feb. 26, Darren Hotchkins visited the location of a recent washout down by our four and six-inch gas lines,” said Gas Commissioner Donovan Baldwin previously. “These pipelines are the sole source of gas for everybody in southern Illinois.”

This week, a decision was made to cash in a Certificate of Deposit to short-term finance the emergency gas line project, which Baldwin quoted as costing $190,240 just for “…the contractor’s portion.”  Though he did mention the cost might actually be a little lower.

It was Finance Commissioner David Jordan’s recommendation to cash in the CD, with high hopes that once a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency reimburses a portion of the money down the road, as well as potential funding from Illinois Emergency Management Agency, they will be able to recover the money and apply it towards another CD.

The $190.2K was approved at a special session on Feb. 28 and is needed to move the four and six-inch gas lines away from the Wabash River to prevent a future breakage in the lines, which could interrupt gas services to customers throughout the area-to include customers in Albion and Mount Carmel-if the pipelines were to continue to have issues or breakage.

They were repaired last year according to the city’s Utility Superintendent, Scott Irvine, but all the rain again this year has continued to stress the pipes with flooding. Relocating the lines away from the Wabash River was suggested to avoid future washouts and breakages, after several other options were explored.

Baldwin also wanted to point out and thank several people, to include Dr. Frank Barbre and Jake Lewis for all their efforts to help Grayville during this emergent and stressful situation.

On March 12, new pipeline will hopefully be delivered, and Baldwin said in reference to the relocation, the Gas Department was “…hoping we’ll be finished 3-4 weeks after [the shipment is received].” He also mentioned “there’s grants out there, but those will have to be down the road…we’ll have to have the total cost of everything and then apply for the grants and see where it goes from there.”

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