Gov. Pritzker and Attorney General Raoul have urged the Illinois Commerce Commission to immediately institute a moratorium on shutoffs for all utility companies across Illinois-including energy, telecommunications and water-until the state disaster proclamation has been lifted. The administration is also requesting changes to payment and collection policies to ensure Illinoisans aren’t saddled with utility debt as a result of COVID-19. The Governor is contacting the leaders of Illinois’ utility companies and urging them to maintain services for all Illinoisans, regardless of their ability to pay, during this public health crisis.

In light of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s recent Executive Orders, the City of Grayville would like to assure the Grayville Community the safety of our residents is its top priority. Because of the difficult economic situation many may face with suspension of normal business, the City of Grayville will suspend utility disconnects for the April shut-off period. Mayor Travis Thompson is working with the school, local businesses and organizations to attend to the immediate needs of our residents.   

The City of Grayville will assist with keeping our residents informed as new information is released concerning COVID-19, and public safety issues.