The water loss problem that has plagued the Village of West Salem in recent years may be diminishing.

During their September regular meeting, the West Salem Board of Trustees was informed that the water loss percentage for the village in the previous month had dropped to single digits. Water loss for the village has reached as high as the mid-20 percent range in recent months

“It’s down to nine percent on the loss,” said Dan Baker, Village President. “If it stays at this, this is great news.”

Baker stated that the decrease in lost water could possibly be attributed to the work of Village Utility Manager Todd Gobel.

“From all the water leaks that you fixed last month, I thought you’d want to take credit for this,” Baker said. “So I think one of those leaks was maybe (the problem).

“Time will tell on this.”

Gobel noted that he was aware that water loss was down, but had not seen a copy of the report.

“I can tell from our daily pumping gallons, it’s way down.”

The month of July also showed low water loss for the village, indicating that the decrease in loss could be the beginning of a trend, according to Village Treasurer Kim Carlson.

“That’s pretty amazing considering what we had (in losses),” said Carlson. “I know it was down last month. Sometimes it will fluctuated and it’s kind of a fluke thing, but this is two months in a row that it’s down.

“That’s a good sign, I think.”

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