There will be no high school sports played in either Edwards County or Grayville this fall.

The Illinois High School Association released its plan regarding sports seasons during the 2020–21 school year late last week in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, reorganizing when several sports will be played throughout the state. Among the altered season, football and volleyball will each now be played in late winter and into the spring, with a start date set for Feb. 15 for each sport.

The IHSA plan breaks down the year into four sports seasons: fall sports will be played from Aug. 10 until Oct. 24, winter sports will be played from Nov. 16 until Feb. 3, spring sports will be played from Feb. 15 until May 1 and summer sports will be played from May 3 until June 26. With football being deemed a higher risk sport in relation to COVID-19 by the Illinois Department of Public Health, while both boys and girls volleyball have been dubbed a medium risk, both sports were moved from the fall category into the spring.

Also of note for student-athletes in the Edwards County and Grayville school districts, boys and girls basketball, despite being listed as having a medium risk level by IDPH, will remain winter sports with a start date of Nov. 16. Both baseball and softball are listed as lower risk sports, but have been bumped to the summer season, set to begin on May 3.

“I applaud our board of directors for choosing a model that allows every student-athlete the opportunity for a modified season,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson.

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