An Olney man has been sentenced to prison in an Edwards County domestic battery case. Jammie D. Crumpton, 40, was sentenced last Tuesday in Edwards County Circuit Court on convictions of domestic battery with a prior conviction and domestic battery causing bodily harm.

Crumpton had initially been charged with domestic battery/strangulation, but the charge was amended prior to the defendant's guilty plea. Judge Michael Valentine sentenced Crumpton to 20 months in prison on each conviction and ordered he pay $157 in restitution to the victim in the case, Tammy Maxwell. Additionally, Crumpton was ordered to pay $1,706 in various fines, fees and court costs which includes a $250 fine in each case.

Judge Valentine gave Crumpton credit for 43 days he spent in custody awaiting disposition of his case and ordered he serve another four years of parole once he is released from prison.

The case against Crumpton was filed by Edwards County State's Attorney Eric St. Ledger on May 1, 2019.