A series of small-scale break-ins into the vehicles of Albion residents may soon be coming to an end.

The Albion Police Department stated that its investigation into a string of car break-ins, in which the thieves go through loose change and objects in unlocked vehicles within the city limits, may be bearing fruit.

“We think we’re getting fairly close,” said Mike Judge, Albion Police Chief.

Though the suspects are breaking in to vehicles in the city, they are only intruding into those vehicles that are left unlocked at the present time.

The issue has also persisted in Albion over several months.

“It’s happened over the last year, probably,” stated Judge.

The chief explained that law enforcement had taken a suspect into custody, leading to a halt in the break-ins. However, they have since resumed with new thieves undertaking the same line of criminal activity.

Judge explained that the use of social media, such as the department’s Facebook page, has helped develop some leads in the investigation, particularly after posting some pictures to the page and receiving multiple responses from the public.

“We’ve got some pretty good leads that we’re working on now,” he said. “Sometimes it’s one of those things where it takes a while for enough to come in to get it put together.”

Judge noted that he believed those responsible for looting through the vehicles were “juvenile types.” He did state that such an assessment has yet to be definitively determined, however.

Judge also confirmed that “two or three” storage units had been rifled through as well, though only one had a lock that was cut to his knowledge.

“There were some storage units that were gotten into, and maybe a lock had gotten knocked off of one of them,” he said. “Nothing was taken.”

However, the APD Chief stated that he did not believe the issues with the storage units were related to the car break-ins.

“That was one isolated incident,” Judge explained. “I really think that was different.

“I don’t think its the same ones that are getting into the cars.”

As for the break-ins to vehicles in the city limits, Judge stated that they’ve been on the decline as word of the activity has spread. He attributed this to more residents locking their car doors, noting that the thieves have yet to actually damage any vehicle.