The Browns Village Board of Trustees met for their first meeting of 2021 Monday evening, with most of the discussion focusing on the road work being done in Browns by Dean Coyler Construction, LLC, operated by Sheldon Alexander since last year.

“We ran into a few bumps in the road on that,” began Village President David Smith.

The mayor began by complimenting the work done by the Albion-based construction company.

“I think they did a good job on everything,” he said.

However, Smith did allude to some issues that occurred while the work was taking place.

“They showed up with all plastic pipes. Whenever he did the bid, that’s what he used. The bid was plastic, which I told him we didn’t want plastic. I called and got enough approval to…have him get the galvanized, and got that all put in.

“There is going to be a little bit of a price difference on that.”

He also noted that the increase in price between the initial bid and final bill could lead to some issues with the state.

“I will call the people for the State that I call when I turn in projects, because we did allocate all of the money that we have for this,” Smith told the board. “It was only $8,600, so if it’s over that, we can use some of the extra - we’ll have to figure out how much - so we can use some of that.”

One trustee inquired as to whether the Browns Village President had reported the initial bid to state officials.

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