At the Grayville City Council meeting held on Monday, Mayor Travis Thompson announced it had been brought to his attention that residents of Grayville were curious as to why Trick-or-Treating for this year was set for Friday, Oct. 30 instead of Saturday, Oct. 31, Halloween night.

Finance Commissioner David Jordan mentioned that at the last meeting, he suggested Friday thinking perhaps residents would like the entire weekend for other activities, but there was no real reason why it couldn’t be adjusted to Oct. 31.

The council unanimously voted to move Trick or Treating to Saturday, Oct. 31 at the same time as previously approved, from 5-8 p.m. 

Both the Mayor and City Attorney Jay Walden maintained that if any resident was not comfortable with this decision, they did not have to participate; they could choose to leave their lights off, or place a sign stating their intentions not pass out candy.

All of these decisions, of course, hinge on the current environment within the state of Illinois. If Governor J. B. Prtizker or the Illinois Department of Public Health, for example, canceled Halloween state-wide or restricted certain areas, the City would have to comply and the Trick-or-Treating schedule would thus have to be withdrawn.

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