On Saturday, February 6 th starting at approximately 6am, the City of Fairfield will

be replacing a transformer at the FMH Medical Arts Complex. While the City is

completing this work, the Medical Arts Complex building will be without power.

The City estimates that this project will take until 1pm that day to complete.

Arrangements have been made for all patients needing to go to the Urgent Care

to be seen through the FMH Respiratory Illness Screening (RISC) Tent until the

electrical work is complete. The RISC tent is located next to the FMH Medical Arts

Complex at 213 NW 10 th Street in Fairfield. Upon arrival to the tent for Urgent

Care or Respiratory Illnesses, patients will need to call 618-847-8344 to be pre-


FMH apologizes for any inconvenience that this temporary re-routing of services

may cause.