The Edwards County Board of Commissioners gave the go-ahead for a non-profit organization to build a health office large enough to house a health department, but stopped short of committing to creating one during their December meeting Monday afternoon.

Edwards County Medical Association representative George Gerlach attended the Monday meeting, seeking an answer regarding the board’s decision regarding the new health building his organization was planning to build for the county. During the board’s November meeting, Gerlach presented the board with two sets of architectural plans: the original plan for the new health office and a larger alternative, should the county decide to apply for an upgrade of their health office into a health department.

Board Chairman Davis Messman informed Gerlach that the county would meet the terms set by the ECMA for the larger of the two building plans, but they would like to take more time before deciding on the future of the health office.

“We wouldn’t necessarily have to decide tonight to go with the certified health service or not,” said Messman. “We can basically just commit to $1,000 a month.

“Is that what we said, if you did the expansion, that’s what we would be paying?”

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