Planting trees and/or shrubbery on City right-of-ways was the topic that generated the most discussion at Monday evening’s Grayville City Council meeting.

Mayor Travis Thompson begun the dialogue by explaining a recent issue with a tree restricting the City right-of-way that the City assisted in removing. 

He then stated his personal feelings on the issue, noting that “it would be in our best interest to do away with allowing trees to be planted along our right-of-ways.”

“It’s not something that happened yesterday…so whatever’s planted today, or this year, is going to be a headache down the road.” 

The council shared several examples of several flora around Grayville that either currently present a right-of-way impediment, or have in the past before the offending greenery was removed.

Gas Commissioner Donovan Baldwin did request clarification that the mayor was referring to the area between the sidewalks and the curbs. He also noted that area electric companies tend to cut the tops of trees due to the power lines as it is, so many of the trees already appear unsightly. He also directed a query to City Attorney Jay Walden, asking “will this be something that would probably be better to put into an ordinance…?”

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