A Grayville man has drawn prison sentences after pleading guilty to methamphetamine related offenses in White and Edwards Counties.  Curtis B.D. Persinger, 26 was sentenced October 17 in Edwards County to four years in prison after entering a guilty plea to a class-3 felony charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine.  On October 16, Persinger was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to the same offense in White County. Prosecutors in both counties recommended that Persinger serve his time in the state's Impact Incarceration Program, more commonly known as “Boot Camp”. 

In the Edwards County case, Persinger was given credit for 31 days he has spent in the county jail awaiting disposition of his case. In White County, he was given credit for 102 days in custody. Additionally, Judge Larry Dunn ordered Persinger to pay a $500 fine in the Edwards County case. In the White County case, fines, fees, and court costs totaled $2,218.

Persinger will also have to serve an additional one year of parole once he completes his sentence.