The Harmony Way Bridge is under new ownership.

A press release from the White County Bridge Commission, the organization which previously owned the bridge, announced that the Harmony Way Bridge had been transferred to the Illinois New Harmony Bridge Authority and the Indiana New Harmony and Wabash River Authority. Both authorities will maintain joint ownership of the bridge.

“In a bi-partisan attempt at the federal level, the state of Indiana and the state of Illinois, the two authorities were established to attempt to bring the bridge back to its intended use as a vehicular traffic bridge with a potential bike-hike patch component,” it was stated in the release.

Both authorities are eligible to apply for both state and federal grants.

The release also notes that the first step in re-opening the bridge, which has been closed since 2012, is to perform, “an in-depth study to determine the current structural, integrity, safety and rehabilitation feasibility of this historic landmark.” A selection committee comprised of members from both the Illinois and Indiana authorities is currently in negotiations with a structural engineering firm to undertake such a study.