Finance Commissioner David Jordan’s previous finding of a discrepancy in the service agreement for the cost for engineering and grant writing fees with Milano-Grunloh has been rectified, allowing the Grayville City Council to unanimously approve the amended services agreement at Monday’s meeting.

This agreement is the hinge for a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant for Public Infrastructure that the city was selected as a finalist to receive. The city will utilize this grant money towards the first part of replacing waterlines in Grayville, which will alleviate many of the city’s water woes.

The council also approved a six year agreement with Maguire Iron for the water tower maintenance project, based on Water Commissioner Tyler Howell’s recommendation, “my recommendation is going to the six year…that way we can move forward…”

Finance Commissioner David Jordan asked Darrin Clarke from Maguire Iron, “as a committee, we’ve kind of bounced around several ideas, and I’m just going to throw this one out and get your feedback here: if we paid the $87,000 up front, for the first year of the six-year project, then could we set…terms for six years going forward, with the $87,000 already paid down?...Is that feasible?” It was clarified by Howell that the $87,000 would be a down payment.

Clarke replied, “are we doing the work this year?” That question appeared to take Jordan off-guard, as he replied, “I thought we [were]?” though Howell added, “well, we have to get this [agreement] lined [up] before.” Jordan said he “…thought the financing was all we were lacking.” Clarke then let the council know that “once we get into things, you can always be tweaking it, changing it. They’re going to work with you on how that plan would work out.”

Jordan then went on to explain his previous comments, how it was the intention to pay $87,000 down towards the total, then would want to finance the rest owed over the six-years of the agreement, and noted that “…we’re just trying to see what might be the best for our water customers…so we don’t hit them so much over the length of the project…we want to make it as easy on them as possible, as well as us.”

Jordan then asked Clarke, “so, we’re not on the schedule, as of right now?” Clarke replied, “I’m not saying you’re not on the schedule,” winking, and causing all in attendance to laugh. “I know that we’re working towards a good timeframe that works with the city, as well as making sure that that tank is still going to be able to be isolated as well as being able to provide the community with water. So, we’re still in that process, but yes, you’re on the schedule.” Clarke concluded. Jordan joked, “just not a specific timeline,” causing more laughter around the room before the council motioned for approval.