As the state of Illinois opens back up during the COVID-19 pandemic, roughly 500 pounds of sanitizer fluid is currently available for the public at the Grayville First Baptist Church.

Pastor David Smith noted that he had received a shipment of approximately 500 pounds of a chlorine-based disinfectant from the Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief organization, in cooperation with the Illinois Baptist State Association on Friday. The Grayville church was one of just 16 locations throughout the state of Illinois to receive a shipment of the sanitizer through the Baptist organizations.

Grayville First Baptist Pastor David Smith gave further details on the type of disinfectant being distributed at his church.

“It is more of a hydrochloric acid,” said Smith. “It’s actually by Keystone.

“(They) make hospital cleaners, nursing home cleaners, restaurant cleaners.”

Those who request a portion of the sanitizer, which is being distributed complete free of charge, will need to bring their own containers.

“Right now, I have a 55-gallon drum that’s ready, with a hand pump on it,” Smith noted. “I’m ready to dispense it into containers. I’ve got extra cleaner that I can (use to) refill that barrel, I’d say, five times.

“So I’ve got enough to last a little while.”

And those resources will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

“The response and the number of businesses and people that show up will determine how quickly it goes.”

While the sanitizer fluid is being made available for both residential and commercial use, Smith noted that the church would give a diluted version of the disinfectant to portions distributed for individual use.

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