A Vanderburgh County, Indiana man serving a 149 year prison sentence for murdering Grayville native Sherry Lynn (McCarty) Loehrlein and seriously injuring the couple's twin daughters in 2017 has been granted a new trial. The conviction of Clint Loehrlein, 52 of Evansville, Indiana has been overturned and a new trial ordered after it was revealed the jury foreperson in the trial had lied on a questionnaire about a prior criminal charge and her history as a victim of domestic violence. 

In reversing the conviction, the Indiana Court of Appeals on February 21 concluded that “Juror L.W.'s untruthful and misleading responses on the jury questionnaire constituted gross misconduct that harmed Loehrlein by depriving him of the opportunity to further investigate L.W.'s history and remove her from the jury due to her prior history as a victim of domestic violence and as someone who had criminal charges against her dismissed. We therefore reverse Loehrlein's convictions and remand for retrial.”

After the jury trial, but before sentencing is when the defense counsel received information that the jury forewoman, identified only as L.W., who is a licensed attorney, had provided a false answer on the jury questionnaire.  

During a deposition in November of 2018, L.W. admitted she responded “Not Applicable” on the jury questionnaire asking if she had ever been criminally charged. It was later revealed that she had been charged with domestic battery – a charge that was later dismissed.  During the same disposition, L.W. detailed her physically and emotionally abusive relationship with her ex-husband.

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