Edwards County Sheriff Darby Boewe, in response to a letter sent by the Edwards County Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors, has changed the way information is dispatched to EMS and first responder units.

The letter was sent to Boewe after Albion Fire Chief and EMS Board member Danny Iverson requested the board at its May meeting do so in an effort to improve the effectiveness of the newly minted first responder program at the Albion Fire Department. It was requested of the sheriff that he authorize more information about ambulance runs to be shared over the county’s emergency dispatching system at the time of each call, as well as tone out the Albion first responders simultaneously with ambulances.

Board Chairman Kent Reid updated the board on Boewe’s response to the letter during the their June regular session Monday evening.

“(Boewe) called me and said that they would give out the information over the radio,” said Reid. “He was opposed to toning out at the same time.

“What he told me was, he’s afraid that the patch would hurt the board and we would have problems, and he would not do that.“

Iverson confirmed that the dispatchers have begun to send the information in question over the radio. He also noted that the change made by Boewe was enough to rectify the issue in the eyes of the AFD first responders.

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