The Edwards County Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors spent a portion of their July regular meeting Monday night beginning to plan how to manage its ambulances.

Kent Reid, Chairman of the Board, opened discussion by asking what the board’s thoughts were on what to do with its surplus of ambulances, given the service will be transitioning to a single-crew model once Wabash General Hospital begins handling its operations. The Edwards County Board of Commissioners recently purchased an ambulance to replace a totaled vehicle from October 2019, leaving the service with at least four working ambulances once it arrives from Pennsylvania.

“We do have four ambulances,” said Reid. “What are the thoughts of how many do we keep?

“Do we get rid of one, or what are everybody’s thoughts there?”

Board member Danny Iverson brought up a fifth ambulance in the board’s possession, one that has been out of operation for roughly half a decade.

“They still have the old Unit Two that’s sitting in a pasture field somewhere,” he noted.”The transmission went out of it, and they, at the time, they opted not to fix it.”

Iverson stated that it could be possible to sell the discontinued ambulance for parts, though it was noted that no one had examined or appraised the downed vehicle since it was decommissioned “four or five years ago.”

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