At the Browns Village Board of Trustees meeting on Monday evening, it was decided that Santa would most assuredly make an appearance at the Browns Fire Department on Saturday, Dec. 19 starting at 1 p.m. 

Due to ongoing COVID-19 mitigations and restrictions, children will not be able to sit on Santa’s lap, but a drive-by Santa visit will be offered, with the ever-loved Christmas goody bags from Santa being available following social distancing protocols.

Santa will hopefully be perched atop the firetruck, waving and ho-ho-ho-ing to children as they drive past.

If children would like to drop off a letter for Santa, his helper elves will ensure he receives them, Village Clerk Rockelle Smith said.

In other news, the sewers in Browns continue to have issues. An old pump was burned up by a bad panel box, though there was no damage to the newer pumps. New parts have been ordered and an insurance claim has been filed. The parts should hopefully arrive this week, according to the trustees.

Todd Bailey presented himself to the board, election petition in hand, only to be told that they could not be accepted until Dec. 14 through Dec. 21. 

This prompted a verbal reminder from the village clerk that anyone who needed or wanted to submit an election petition, must do so between the aforementioned dates. Times and phone numbers are posted on the door to provide clerk availability to coordinate turning in the petitions, Smith reminded Bailey.

“I was told to bring it to this meeting,” Bailey said. Smith reiterated that she will not accept them until the 14th, so Bailey should make sure he brought it to her during her scheduled availability. The trustees appeared quite unsure who Bailey was saying it was who told him to attend the meeting on Monday with his petition, as Bailey only said “they.”

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