The Edwards County Health Office will be receiving some help from their counterparts in Wabash County to continue implementing contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Edwards County Board of Commissioners was informed that the Wabash County Health Department was willing to share resources procured through a COVID-19-related grant during their August regular session Monday morning. The primary goal of the grant is to assist counties with their contact tracing programs amid the pandemic.

“Wabash County, they basically worked into a grant that they received, our county, since we do not have a health department,” said Belinda Moore, Administrator for the Edwards County Health Office.

“With this whole COVID contact tracing, they did receive a grant, and included us in that.”

Moore noted that Wabash County Health Department Administrator Judy Wissel was intending to attend the Edwards County Board meeting to help present the grant, but instead had to take part in a quarantine order hearing at the Wabash County Courthouse. As such, the Edward County Administrator presented information regarding the grant to the county commissioners.

“They are going to have staff to assist with the contact tracing,” Moore stated. “The training, monitoring and entering into the state surveillance system, and there’s a system that we have to input all cases into (are included in the grant). They’ve thrown another new system at us as far as all the contacts, they are in that system.

“So that’s something new to all of us that they’re going to train and assist us in that.”

There are also some resources secured within the grant that will only apply to Wabash County, as the ECHO doesn’t have those services available.

“The resource development and delivery of quarantine isolated individuals,” she said, “they deliver packets and I believe thermometers, hand sanitizer and stuff like that to people who are isolated or quarantined individuals, which we don’t do due to just not having that kind of stuff.”

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