The question of whether Clint Loehrlein will get a new trial for the 2017 shooting death of Grayville native Sherry Lynn (McCarty) Loehrlein is now in the hands of the Indiana Supreme Court. Earlier, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that Loehrlein should get a new trial based on the alleged misconduct of a single juror. Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nicholas Hermann disagreed, and asked the Indiana Supreme Court to review the appellate court’s decision.

Last Thursday, Sept. 3, the five member Supreme Court panel heard arguments from Loehrlein’s attorney Stacy Uliana and the attorney representing the Vanderburgh County prosecutor, Matt MacKenzie. The entire case review surrounds the fact that “Juror LW’s untruthful and misleading responses on the jury questionnaire constituted gross misconduct that harmed Loehrlein by depriving him of the opportunity to further investigate LW’s history and remove her from the jury due to her prior history as a victim of domestic violence and as someone who had criminal charges against her dismissed.”

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