Ellen Schanzle, a member of the New Harmony Bridge Authority recently met with Illinois Department of Transportation officials about how best to proceed in seeking funds to get the Wabash River span reopened to traffic.

“My meeting with the Central Bureau of Bridges was very encouraging,” Schanzle said.

When it comes to seeking grants, Schanzle says the agency doesn't want to end up competing with IDOT for funds.

“It would be excellent if the New Harmony Bridge Authority could co-submit applications with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Transportation,” Schanzle said. “They seemed interested in that.”

Schanzle's comments came during the quarterly meeting of the agency Tuesday afternoon.

As far as getting the bridge opened up to traffic in the short term, Schanzle said an underwater study must be completed before anything can go forward. Additionally, she suggested that any reopening might require adjusting load limits for the span below the original 15 ton limit. 

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