Savannah Earl is now out of the hospital and is recovering from injuries sustained in a brutal stabbing attack last month in Grayville. The knife attack has left her with only one eye.   “A few days ago, doctors had to remove the eye that was really badly  damaged,” said Grayville Police Chief David Burrows. “She has lost about five percent of vision in the other eye and had to have some teeth removed because of the attack. She was hurt really, really bad.”  Savannah is currently recuperating at the home of a relative in Carmi.  

The alleged attack happened in the early morning hours of March 17 at the 102 South Main Street home of  Sanjay Lewis. A second victim in the attack, Paige York, 25 of Grayville sustained one stab wound to the abdomen and one to the shoulder. She was treated and released from an area hospital within hours of the attack.

The suspect in the attack, Sanjay J. Lewis, 45 of Carmi remains in the Carmi-White County jail pending trial.  Lewis appeared in White County Circuit Court at Carmi on Wednesday, April 15 via video and waived his right to a preliminary hearing. In waiving the hearing, Lewis entered a plea of not guilty.  The judge ordered investigators and the state's attorney to produce pretrial discovery materials no later than May 4 and set a pretrial hearing for the same date at 9 a.m.

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