Tuesday evening, the Grayville City Council discussed a letter the City recently received from Dylan DiMaggio referencing the updated Golf Cart ordinance (no. 892) the council approved over the summer. The council ultimately decided to form a committee headed by Street Commissioner Chris James to speak with DiMaggio and once again look into the language of the ordinance.

City Attorney Jay Walden previously stated that “the definition on it, as was revised…it defines not only golf carts, but non-highway recreational vehicles up to 64 inches in width with some limited power capabilities,” which includes many all-terrain vehicles, the focus of DiMaggio’s letter. Walden noted that the revision over the summer “merged concepts” of golf carts and ATVs, as well as other non-highway recreational vehicles.

In old business, Walden recommended, especially in light of the construction work already begun at 209 South Court Street for the McPherson Outdoors, LLC billboard,  “…a resolution, from the City, acting in its capacity as the Board of Zoning Appeals to have a public hearing to not only revisit 209 South Court Street, but to consider the possible change of the zoning map from North Street to Commerce Street on the east side of the Court Street right-of-way; to have that re-zoned…to C-2…”

He added, “…which would then not only get over some issues that IDOT claims are involving spot zoning for 209 South Court Street, but will allow those areas to be developed as well.”

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